with Tejas Trails & Joe Prusaitis

Novice or veteran... fast or slow... 3 miles or 300 miles... trail or ultra... mountains or flats... point to point, or endless loops... we have the same passion for running you do!

Group Trail Runs in AUSTIN
with Tejas Trails

No Cost / No Commitments: Just Run

Austin has some of the best trails for running in the state, along with some of the most experienced trail runners (and interesting characters!). If you're interested in trail running, want to explore the trails or are looking to make some new trail running friends, please join us for Group Trail Runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm.

Tejas Trails Founder and Race Director Joe Prusaitis hand-picks each trail for a specific skill (e.g. speed, hills, dexterity) or a specific race. Going for an evening run in all that Austin's natural areas have to offer is the best way to change your day and your focus. You'll be running with people who have been to that trail and know the drill, so you won't get lost. We take care of every runner--we don't leave anyone behind or hold anyone back, so it doesn't matter what your pace is. We run all year long regardless the weather, so you don't have to wait for the next session. Personal coaching is available separately (see below) and these runs can fit into your individual plan, or you can just run with us because we're more fun than running alone.

Locations will be posted once a week on the Tejas Trails Facebook page. We go to a different trail every time, so the only way you will know where we are is to check the posting.

To get started, show up! No RSVP required. Just be there or not.

Please note: We start running at 6:00pm. If you arrive at 6:00pm and still have to get ready or are late, you might not find us.

Date : Tuesday & Thursday - all year except holidays
Time : Running begins at 6:00PM promptly - we won't wait
Loca : Posted on Tejas Trails Facebook page - by Monday at the latest
Gear : Water Bottle & Flashlight
Cost : FREE

with Joe Prusaitis

After decades of trail & ultra running and race directing, watching some of the best runners and best races, I've determined that training for this type of running is a team effort.

Personal coaching with me is for you if you're looking for an intensive and collaborative approach to training, not just a one and done conversation or a training spreadsheet. Working with me, you're going to get an individual training plan to help you reach your goals, whether that's a race, distance or speed. You're going to get regular conversations by phone, email or in person with me to make sure your training is proceeding as intended. You'll love having a customized plan--no general "this race, this plan" or trying to work off your buddy's plan--but a plan that adapts to your goals, body, skills, and schedule. I think you'll be surprised by how much quicker you reach and surpass your goals. We do a lot of give & take to create a plan that fits YOU where YOU are right NOW.

Will you get results? Absolutely. Read up here for the experiences of some of the runners I've coached. You don't have to be able to attend the Group Trail Runs or even live in Austin, Texas to experience what those runners have--we can work remotely on your schedule.

Why me? I'm a runner myself, having completed more than 285 races, so I know what you're going through. I direct quite a few of the trail races in Texas ( Bandera, Rocky Raccoon, Rocky 50, Nueces, Hells Hills, Pandora, Cactus Rose, Wild Hare, & Capt Karl Series). I also have long-standing relationships with many of the directors for popular races, giving you relevant and current inside info. I have worked successfully with more than 150+ runners over the last 5 years who have trained for a wide variety of trail and ultra events. Runners I've worked with have gone on to Hardrock, Badwater, Leadville, R2R2R, and oh so many others.

Odds are good... if your idea sounds crazy, I can help you.

Pricing is $80/month, payable either monthly or in multiple month payments. Training starts when you sign up. Are you ready to work together? Click here to register.

Still have questions? Drop me a line or call me at 512.294.6456.

Tejas Trails Alumni: Jennifer Kimble, Ben Phenix, Jeanette Spears, David Jacobson, Shellie Oroshiba, Denver Fredenburg, Rachael Blair, Melanie Fryar, Cara Bass, Peter Bray, Jaime Garcia, John Kuss, Miguel Montealvo, Mike Ruhlin, Julie Branc, Christine McCown, Berton Keith, Stephanie Huie, TJ Thompson, John Sharp, Tanya Espalin, Ben Martinez, James Richardson, Shannon Mitchel, Pamela Harght, Brian Edwards, Brice Remaley, Guy Morin, Edwin Smith, Janice Langley, Christine Jones, Maureen Smith, John Sanders, Chris McWatters, Grady Reed, Kevin Saul, JoAnna Brand, Laurie Viault, Lindsey Waddell, Rodney Hooker, Justin Lincoln, Alicia Post, Ann Berry, Caleb Simpson, David Land, Bruce Evans, Allen Lazenby, Mark Hutchens, Sandra Howell, Melinda Krueger, Rick Wilson, Deann Deatherage, Jason Schwertner, Malea Jaffe, Anne Moore, Gary Jones, Lisa Christian, Emily Howell, Hector Valdez, Amanda Alvarado, Elizabeth Wood, Bhavesh Patel, Chris Haley, Brad Messner, Jason Hill, Lino Mendiola, Nikki Davis, Rebecca Thompson, Jim Pacey, Stevan Pierce, Sandra Foreman, John Schaphorst, Robert Goyen, Amy Koon, Jamie Koon, Ryan Schooler, Caroline Anderson, Lori Keith, Susan Levitan, John Brown, Cheryl Tulkoff, Louie Dickey, Gina Springer Shirley, Gayla Williams, Jonathan Wicks, Judy Shipway, Iva Paleckova, Dawn Banka, Elizabeth Comer, Kurt Mohlman, Layla Soileau, Joshua Holer, Lora Reynolds, Wade Barrett, John Reed, Jason Hall, Brandon Gerard, Mark Yeaman, Katie Sealer, Mariela Botella, Troy Lischka, Savitha Sridharan, Desiree McConnell, Ryan Skains, Michael Canle, David Jackson, David OHara, Ryan Dignum, Patrick Hayes, Chad Bailey, Susannah Jacobson, Max Thompson, Sam Placette, Guillermo Carrillo, Vicki Buch, Douglas Winterberg, Sirsha Chatterjee, Ken Rice, Trisha Porter, Hutch Pine, Robert Clark, Scott Brewer, Erin Mortensen, Mary Harokopus, Jeffrey Dorko, Lysle Shaw, Jon Frisch, Kevin Boudreaux, Ashli Cooper, Jason Culverhouse, Allen Darilek, Terri Griffin, Lynne Harkey, Jason Holmes, Christine Huppee, Robert Janiak, Charlene Janiak, Duane Limbaugh, Tara Lusher, Bo Lusher, Doise Miers, Gordon Montgomery, Mary Ntefidou, Diana O'Connell, Jeffery Underhill, Rebecca Weston, Allen Wrinkle, David Zuniga, Trish Young, Julie Grant, John Powers, Eric Emmons, Becky Hockaday.
Where & when are each runs? We meet twice a week in the Austin area. The Tuesday & Thursday evening runs start at 6:00 PM for quality workouts of 1 to 2 hours.
What is the format or focus of each run? The focus changes constantly: distance, hills, speed, dexterity, intervals, tempo, fartleks. I typically lay out a route that is short enough for me to manage everyone regardless of their speed. I know every trail in Austin well enough that each trail is handpicked for a certain terrain type.
What is the recommended mileage coming in? I am not sure there is a minimum. Your current fitness level should guide your intentions and expectations. If you can't run 1 mile yet, then signing up for coaching for a 100mi race in the near future is asking way too much. It doesn't mean you can't get there, but we should talk about expectations.
Does it matter if I have run trails before? NO! Not to worry, we will catch you up in no time. All of our training runs are off-road, so if you run with us, you will get used to trail pretty quick.
What is the size of the typical group? Max size we have ever had is 30 people, but typically, we are 10 to 20 at our workouts.
What is the pace of typical group? There is no concern here. We take care of every person the same. We don't leave anybody behind, so it matters not what your pace is. The groups are usually quite varied from really fast to really quite slow. It's all ok.
Can I work other events into my training plan? Absolutely yes. We can help adjust the training plan around other races, events, and occasions in your life. We do realize that one plan does not fit everybody. We pay attention to ALL of you and make subtle or even major changes that make sense for each person.
Can I join if I don't live in the Austin area? We do a virtual training program. Phone calls, emails, and forums allow us to stay in constant communication to ensure you get the training you need to accomplish what you want with constant feedback.
I just want to run trails, but don't have a goal race. Is this for me? Not everybody in our groups has a goal race. For some, their focus is simply to go faster, run further, get better on hills, or improve on rough terrain. You can make it whatever you want it to be.... or maybe you just want some company while running trails. You don't have to pay to run with us, but you do need to pay if you want a training plan and coaching.
Can you help me to train for a 100-mile race? Yes. This is the place for you. Call me up and let's talk. You will need a long-range and detailed plan to do this right. It starts with studying the race and the training details come from the terrain, aid station splits, weather, and so on. We create a dialogue with a lot of give and take so that the plan is created and modified as you go.
What is the difference between the Tejas Trails Facebook Group & the Tejas Trails Coaching Forum? The Tejas Trails Facebook Group is open to the world, with a few limitations. I will post the general info--date, time, & location--of each workout. The Tejas Trails Coaching forum on this site is for PAID clients who I am coaching. It includes more details for each workout, in addition to date, time, & location, such as focus. We will also cover other details, connections, hookups and all. The Facebook group is general; the Forum is more personal and focused on coaching.
With the Group workouts being free, why should I pay for Personal Training? The Tue & Thu workouts are open to anyone: basically a starting point, a route, and a group of people to run with. Personal Coaching is so much more than that. See the next question!
What do I get for my money with Personal Training? You get my experience to guide you. After 20 years of running, I can save you a lot of time and heartache by teaching you how to run like a veteran, as well as helping you avoid all the mistakes most rookies make. We start with a personalized training plan build specifically for you. We build in lots of variety so you don't get bored and the muscles get trained. I provide lots of inside information, because I either direct the race, know the race director, or have run the trail in more than a few circumstances. The camaraderie within the Tejas Trails group is phenomenal and hard to match elsewhere. You immediately get a great group of people with the same passion you have to run and train with. And we are consistant. We go every Tuesday & Thursday and have been doing so for many years. Even if you are working via virtual training, I am always easy to find and pretty quick to respond. You won't be just a number or lost or forgotten.
Are there any other benefits to Personal Coaching? There will be a 15% discount for entry into all Tejas Trails races: Bandera, Rocky, Nueces, Hells Hills, Pandora, Cactus Rose, & Wild Hare. (There are no discounts for events I do not own outright, such as Capt Karl & Paleface.)
I have been doing the 1-day option. How does this affect me? If you have already signed up with me for the one day deal, I will honor that commitment through to the end of your contract. I will not be allowing any new 1-day contracts. Basically, you can now run both days for free, and you are paying for the coaching.